Have you imagined yourself behind the wheel of a luxury Cadillac CT6 or Audi Q3 cruising around in Beverly Hills? This is the dream of lots of people; however, with Iconic Car Rentals, renting a luxury car in Beverly Hills has never been easier!

With several Beverly Hills luxury car rental services available to make your trip memorable, you might be in a hurry to make a reservation. However, it is expedient to know the costly mistakes most people make when renting a luxury car in Beverly Hills to avoid them.

  1. Failure to Shop Around:

    Many people fail to shop around and compare rental rates. Rental companies have different rental rates for different cars. You might not get the best rates for your desired car by selecting just a single company; so, shop around to avoid paying double for the same car elsewhere.

  2. Buying Unnecessary Insurance:

    Several people make this mistake by buying extra insurance that is not needed. Many rental companies offer insurance coverage such as Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Supplemental Liability Insurance, or others. Do you know what they mean? Does your existing insurance not include coverage that allows you to ignore the insurance offered by the car rental company? Check your policy and stick to your insurance.

  3. Not Checking the Car:

    It is a costly mistake not to inspect the car for existing damages. Spend a few minutes to carefully check the interior and exterior of the car for present damages, point them out to the car rental agent, and snap time-stamped photos for reference to prevent getting billed for someone else made to the car. Renting a luxury car in Beverly Hills should not include paying for someone else’s damage to the rental vehicle.

  4. Not Returning the Car on Time:

    Most rental companies’ charges are on a 24-hour or daily basis. So, returning the car after 25 hours attracts an extra day charge. And companies that charge hourly charge triple rates for each late hour the car is held beyond the agreed return time. Therefore, it is best to return the car earlier than the stipulated time on your policy or call the company to extend your rental if you would return late.

  5. Pairing Your Phone with Bluetooth:

    The rental car may offer to pair your mobile phone with the car’s satellite or navigation system to allow you make hands-free calls or play your favorite music, be careful, it will sync your contacts and phone details; so, all your personal information will be loaded into the car and may remain there for other renters to access. So, be careful with syncing your personal data with the rental vehicle when renting a luxury car in Beverly Hills.

Avoid these mistakes whenever you are renting a luxury car in Beverly Hills. Iconic Car Rentals understands what makes a great luxury car rental experience and we try our best to ensure you get the best price, service, and vehicle in Beverly Hills. For luxury car rental contact us at https://iconiccarrentals.com/.