The end of summer is near and Labor Day 2017 is also here! September 4 is Labor Day 2017 and there are lots of things to do in Beverly Hills. With several activities lined up for marking the end of summer, an exotic car rental in Beverly Hills is the best way to make Labor Day 2017 most memorable this year.

Labor Day is more than just the end of summer activities; it is a tradition that all look forward to every year. And Beverly Hills known for the upbeat and high lifestyle, an exotic car rental will help to align you with any activity already planned for the holiday to match perfectly with the culture of the City.

What to do for Labor Day 2017 in an Exotic Car Rental:

  1. Tour Mulholland Drive:

    One of the things to do for Labor Day 2017 in Beverly Hills is to tour the Mulholland Drive with an exotic car rental. Mulholland Drive is a-twenty-one-mile long road stretching from Santa Monica to Hollywood Hills. On this two-lane Drive are mountains and residential homes of stars like John Lennon, Mary Tyler Moore, Marlon Brando, Dan Duryea, Vanna White, and several others. Besides, catch the glimpse of the famous Hollywood Sign and the Los Angeles Basin on the road.

  2. Go Shopping at Rodeo Drive:

    In Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive is synonymous with shopping. So, taking the time to go shopping on Rodeo Drive during Labor Day 2017 is one the best decisions you can make. The two-mile long street is renowned for fashion, luxury, and entertainment. The best of brands such as Dior, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and others have dedicated stores in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. To conform to the pop culture of this world famous attraction, get behind the wheel of an exotic car rental.

Besides, there are many exotic restaurants where you can have a sumptuous meal during or after shopping.

  1. Explore Beverly Hills:

    There are several lovely places of attraction in Beverly Hills where you can visit and have a fabulous Labor Day celebration. Head for the Beverly Hills signs in Beverly Gardens Park to take pictures. Visit the legendary estate, Greystone Mansion & Park built by the Doheny family.

You can also enjoy melodious live music ranging from Jazz to Motown in Beverly Canon Gardens. Relax a little in Beverly Canon Gardens before getting behind the wheel of an exotic rental car to continue your exploration of Beverly Hills.

With Labor Day 2017 around the corner, blending with the exotic and luxury culture of Beverly Hills requires an exotic car rental. To get an exotic that will make the holiday memorable, contact Iconic Car Rentals at